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Chef’s Garden is one of the very few organic restaurants in Qatar. All of our delicious meals are made with nutritious, local ingredients, sourced directly from organic farms we partner with in Qatar for a majority of our vegetable produce, local lamb and chicken.

We brought the farm-to-table concept to Qatar and proved that it can be done. Chef’s Garden isn’t simply an esoteric name; there is a rational explanation behind it. It is actually our very own chef’s garden. Chef and his team are growing fresh herbs picked daily - from broccoli and cauliflower to mouthwatering eggplant and peppers.

If you find yourself enjoying a cauliflower soup as the soup du jour, chances are that the very cauliflower was still in the garden that morning.

We work closely with the best farmers in Qatar who believe, like us, that food doesn’t need strange added chemical stuff for it to be delicious. There is nothing more bursting with nutrients than homegrown fruits and veggies.

We are as real as it gets, and have nothing but the truth to tell. MSGs, hydrogenated fats and controversial additives are utterly and completely out of our boiling water.

We believe in harvesting the freshest and ripest ingredients the nature has to offer.

We believe in ‘what is inside shows on the outside’. That’s why, walking into our eatery reflects an unpretentious, stress-free, and soul-quenching spirit.

We strive to partake in the country’s evolution through supporting and developing assets, resources, and the community at large

Our Mission

With a continuous 360-degree view on all aspects of our business, we strive to excel the Real Estate sector through:

  • Innovative integrated assets management principles and practices

  • Applying state of the art operational expertise


  • Utilizing bet-in-class commercial mindset to enhance the values of assets and services


  • Innovating and expanding our resources


  • Elevating national capabilities to global standards


  • Driving business knowledge transfer from global to global

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AMLAK has an outstanding track record and a longstanding presence in Qatar. Its range of exclusive projects places the organization as the premier organization of its field in Qatar. With comprehensive range of solutions offered, AMLAK is committed to delivering consistent performance, world-class service and a broad range of services to all clients. - Qatar National Convention Center - Marwan Club - Chefs Garden - Forty Four West Bay - Education City Golf Club

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